Bowie Wins First 11U Championship; LTC Repeats As 15U Champs


With 2 inches of rain forecast for Saturday, June 27, the Maryland Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) Championship Games were rescheduled for Sunday, June 28. As Bowie was hosting the matches at Rockledge Elementary School, the Bowie ground crew was out at 8:30am to remove a large puddle from the field and fill low spots with sand and topsoil. Even though the field was wet from all the rain, the artificial turf/concrete pitch made it possible for the matches to play.

The crowd of spectators filed in setting their lawn chairs just outside the boundary line. The players from Germantown and Bowie were all set for an on-time start at 11:00am. Germantown’s Mihir and Angali and Bowie’s Lisa Ramjit and Joseph Zacharski took the toss with official umpire Roxroy Anderson in charge. Mihir called it right and won the toss, and as usual, Germantown decided to bat first, which was quite okay with Bowie.

Germantown started with their two best batsmen, Raghav and Abhinav. The Bowie opening bowlers Nathan Zacharski and Lisa Ramjit bowled accurately and made it difficult to score runs. The damp heavy grass did not help the batsmen either. Stevie Fleshman bowled next and delivered some quick ones, which wicketkeeper Nathan did well to hold on to. Joseph Zacharski and Donovan Brownlee kept the pressure on, and limited the big hitter Raghav and the patient Abhinav to singles. After 5 overs, Germantown were 12 runs for no wickets. The breakthrough for Bowie came in the sixth over with Fred Crenshaw getting Abhinav caught behind by wicketkeeper Nathan for 5 runs. In the same over, the ball got past the Nathan, and the batsmen decided to go for a run. Anthony Stills pounced on the ball and zipped it in to wicketkeeper Nathan to run out Raghav. In the very next over, Alyssa Logan had Germantown Shubh lobbing a high catch to Donovan Brownlee, who was more than eager to oblige and take a nice catch. Bowie’s Abhinav Samuel closed out the first half giving up only 1 run in his over. With Germantown losing their 3 best batsmen in the first 8 overs for a total of 21 runs, Bowie felt good about their performance.

Now it was Bowie’s turn to bat with Fred Crenshaw and Lee Reiter opening the batting. The diminutive pace bowler for Germantown, Santosh, opened the bowling and only gave up two runs in the first over. Santosh has proven to be one of the best bowlers in the league with his smooth long run-up and accurate, quick deliveries. Raghav followed and was also difficult to play giving up only 2 runs. Germantown’s Abhinav bowled the third over and also was stingy with the runs. Fred and Lee were retired for the stylish Abhinav Samuel and hard-hitting Anthony Stills. With Bowie chipping away at the runs, Germantown got the breakthrough they needed in the fifth over. Abhinav got Abhinav Samuel caught behind by wicketkeeper Shubh for 1 run and Anthony Stills caught by Nihkil for two runs. Germantown’s Ameya followed suit and got Lisa Ramjit for a duck (no runs) and Joshua Lesesne for 1 run both caught behind by wicketkeeper Shubh. Santosh was brought back into the attack to keep the pressure on. There was some concern for Germantown when Santosh appeared to have twisted his ankle after the first ball of the over. He then bowled 3 consecutive wides, but immediately made up for that by bowling Joseph Zacharski and Donovan Brownlee for ducks. Bowie’s Alyssa Logan appeared to have been settling in at the wicket getting a nice pull shot for two runs. But she fell victim to Ameya getting bowled for 4 runs. After 8 overs, Bowie had a total of 22 runs, one more than Germantown, but had 7 outs with 3 ducks to curry.

Germantown was up to bat again. Nathan struck immediately getting the edge of Karthik’s bat and wicketkeeper Alyssa jumping up in the air to make a brilliant, barehanded, one-hand catch. Lisa then got Ameya caught out by Donovan for 5 runs. Stevie was on the attack again and had Aryan bowled. But since the bails did not fall, Aryan was not out. In the same over, the Bowie fielders had Mihir run out for a duck. With Bowie unable to hold on to three more catches, Germantown slowly kept inching up the total score. An expensive 6-run over from Dononvan Brownlee took Germantown from 29 to 35. Alyssa bowled the 14th over and was unplayable, bowling the only maiden over (no runs given up) in the game. Bowie fielders were right on the money getting four run outs limiting Germantown to 39 runs in their 16 overs for 9 wickets (outs) with Aryan not out on 5 runs.

With their backs up against the wall having only 3 outs left to score 18 runs and key bowler Ameya raring to go, Bowie looked like they were headed for their third consecutive loss to Germantown in the MYCA finals. But no one told Stevie Fleshman that. Stevie had topped the elementary school cricket league batting in PG County, Maryland with a total of 150 runs, but he was struggling to make runs in the MYCA tournament. In the 9th over he hit Ameya for 2 sixes, which were the only two boundaries of the match. Nathan stayed with Stevie fending off a Yorker length ball from Raghav with a beautiful forward defensive stroke. With 1 run to go, Stevie pulled the ball to deep backward square leg for two runs winning the game for Bowie in fine style in the 11th over.

The MVP for Germantown was Ameya for taking 3 wickets and scoring 5 runs.

For Bowie, MVP honors were shared by Alyssa Logan for her fine wicketkeeping, batting and bowling and by Stevie Fleshman for his excellent bowling and batting.

This was a total team effort for Bowie finishing the 2015 season undefeated. Bowie used 8 bowlers in the game, which was twice as many as Germantown. The team has shown that they can get the job done under pressure. Hats off to Coach Ren Logan and Coach Paul Zacharski for keeping the team focused and bringing out the best in the players to work as one unit. The Bowie 11U team comprised of the top players from the Bowie Elementary School Teams (BEST) Cricket League and the Washington Area Middle School (WAMS) Cricket League, which are the first elementary school and middles school cricket programs in the USA.









In the 15U Championship match, Lutherville-Timonium-Cockeysville took a five-wicket victory from Germantown, which won the inaugural cup in 2013,  to repeat as champions.

Jamie Speaking presenting the trophy to LTC

15U Germantown Beats Burtonsville, LTC Tops Rockville; Germantown Defeats Bowie in 11U Play

15U: On Sunday, June 14, visitors Germantown Kids Cricket Club (GKCC) 15U team went to Spencerville Community Center to play Burtonsville’s home team – Maryland Thunder (MDT). GKCC won the toss and elected to bat first. MDT bowlers did an excellent show of bowling and took 3 wickets in the first 2 overs. Ishaan Verma scored 4 and with Shiv Kohli, who scored 5, provided some stability to GKCC. Shiv Luthra and Tanuj Shah stayed on the wicket and with their help, at end of 9 overs, GKCC had scored 27 runs losing 6 wickets. Anav Babbar, Arjun Rakheja and Dheeraj Sharma provided a safety net of additional runs and stayed at the wicket until the end of 16 overs inning. Arjun hit the first four of the inning, eventually scoring 6 total runs. Anav and Dheeraj’s partnership lasted about 3 tailend overs with Dheeraj scoring total 18 runs – highest scorer from GKCC, which included two sixers; and Anav scored 17 total with a six and a four.

From MDT, Aryan took 4 wickets followed by Ohm and Dhrivith, who took 2 each and Vikas took 1 wicket. Shruvith caught 2 catches followed by Kalp who caught one catch. Ohm, Vikas, Aryan and Dhruvith bowled 4 complete overs each.

At the end of first inning, GKCC set a target of 76 runs for 9 wickets in 16 overs.

In the second inning, excellent bowling and wicket keeping by GKCC did not allow MDT batsmen to protect their wickets and score. Highest scores by MDT were made by opener Ayush and Aryan, who scored 2 runs each, followed by Nimay, Vikas and Rushi scoring 1 run each.

From GKCC, Soumith Gadila took 3 wickets in 2 overs followed by Shankar Haridas and Shiv Luthra, who took 2 each (each bowled 2 overs). Sanjith Narayanan, Tanuj Shah (both bowled 2 overs each) and Dilhan Salgado (bowled 1 over) took 1 wicket each. GKCC wicket keeper Dheeraj took 7 catches and Ishaan, Sanjit and Dilhan took a catch each.

At the end of the match, MDT were all out for 17 runs in 11 overs. GKCC won the match by 59 runs.

In Baltimore County, Lutherville-Timonium Cockeysville (LTC) cruised to a ten-wicket victory over Rockville:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.45.14 AM

Germantown is in first place with 10 points, LTC is in second with 6, Burtonsville is in third place with 4 points and Rockville has zero points so far.

11U: Germantown won by 23 runs over Bowie 2. GKCC batted first and scored 109, Bowie 2’s chase fell short on 86.

Germantown and Bowie 1 are tied at the top of the table with 6 points each, while LTC is in third place with 2 points and Bowie 2 has zero.

Germantown Defeats LTC, Burtonsville Tops Rockville

In a Maryland Junior Cricket 15U tournament match played at the Germantown Kids Cricket Club (GKCC) home cricket grounds at Strawberry Knolls Park in Gaithersburg, MD, GKCC with its new 360 degree pitch, topped the visiting Lutherville-Timonium Cockeysville (LTC) club on Sunday June 7.

In a 16 over match, Cockeysville won the toss and decided to bat first. LTC opening batsman Gokul Natarajan and Raja Herman put up 13 runs in the first 6 overs, until Shankar Haridas got Gokul out on LBW. LTC Captain Semi Syed Sabeeh  was the next batsman and put up very impressive batting with 2 Sixers before getting caught out near the boundary by Dheeraj Sharma on Shiv Luthra’s ball. Next batsman Brain Chambers and Raja Herman  brought stability to the wicket by scoring 17 and 11 runs respectively. LTC scored 64 runs for 6 wickets in 16 overs. From GKCC, Shankar Haridas and Tajun Shah each bagged 2 wickets, Shiv Luthra and Anav Babbar each swiped a wicket and Udai Singh and Yuvan Sundarani each caught one catch.

Germantown opened with batsmen Varun Gangadharan and Shankar Haridas who started to put the runs on the board when Shankar was bowled by Semi to give Germantown an early set back in the 2nd over. Dilhan Salgado replaced Shanker and was caught out by Nirav Patel on Harsha Devarconda’s ball in the 5th over. Next batsman for GKCC, Arjun Rakheja partnered with GKCC opening batsman Varun to stabilize the wicket for the next 5 overs with Arjun scoring  11 runs and Varun with 9 runs. Following Varun, Dheeraj Sharma scored 6 runs including a boundary. In the 15th over with 4 runs to win, GKCC won the match with a dramatic ending on Nikhil Sahni’s Sixer.  The final score for GKCC was 69 runs for 5 wickets. For LTC, Usama Qazi bagged 3 wickets including an impressive maiden wicket over.

In other 15U action, hosts Burtonsville defeated Rockville by 22 runs. Here are the scorecards from that match:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.16.05 AM

In an 11U match played between homestanding GKCC and Lutherville-Timonium Cockeysville (LTC) on June 7, at the Strawberry Knoll ground, GKCC beat LTC.

Day started with LTC winning the toss and deciding to bat first.

LTCs opening pair of Yash and David tried to give stable start till GKCCs got their bowling rhythm going and took back to back wickets in 3rd and 4th overs from Aryan and Mihir.  At the end of 8 overs GKCC allowed only 26 runs and taking 4 wickets. In LTCs next 8 overs of batting they scored additional 31 runs and loosing 2 more wickets with final score of 57 runs in 16 overs and loosing 6 wickets. Kiran from LTC was the top scorer with 19 runs. Alok from GKCC took 2 wickets in same over.

Abhinav and Saloni were the opening pair from GKCC, with Abhinav playing role of defense and Saloni on offense. GKCC lost their first wicket at the score of 3. Shubh came for batting at no 6 and from very beginning went into attacking mode by hitting 4 runs in first ball.  GKCC was sailing smoothly with 38 runs at end of 8 overs and loosing only 3 wickets till 9th over. In 9th over from LTCs Omar, GKCC lost 2 wickets and were put back in pressure. LTC tried to put pressure again in 13th over where they picked 3 wickets in Ashwins over with GKCCs score of 55/8. With GKCC needing 3 runs to win, Ameya came to bat at no 15th and hit 4 to give a win to GKCC.

Shubh was the highest scorer from GKCC scoring 13 runs including 2 fours and stayed not out. Next best score from GKCC was from Nikhil of 8 runs. Ashwin from LTC was highest wicket taker taking 4 wickets.

Germantown Bests Rockville In 15U Match, LTC & Bowie Win In 11U

Congratulations to Germantown Kids Cricket Club  (GKCC) 15U team for winning the match against Rockville Kings (RK) on Saturday May 30th 2015 at the baseball diamond field of Rocky Hill Middle School, Clarksburg, MD.

In a 16 over match, Rockville King’s Ziyan called it wrong and Germantown won and elected to bat first. Germantown opening batsmen Varun Gangadharan and Rohit Gore partnered to score 32 runs which included an impressive six from Rohit, who got bowled by RK’s Mihil. After Soumith’s early bowled out by Hirschel, Arjun Rakheja went on to provide stability and in 9th over got LBW by Hirschel with GKCC score at 3 for 65. After the dismissal of Udai Singh, Dheeraj Sharma and Ritvik Yaragudi partnered for a quick fire partnership of 20 with Dheeraj (11 runs) contributing to the bulk of the scoring with an easy-looking six and a four. GKCC lost quick wickets with Ritvik being runout by a direct hit from Mihil and  Advayith knocking back Dheeraj’s stumps in the 12th over. GKCC slipped to  86 for 8 in the 13th over. Tanuj Shah scored a boundary with a four and remained unbeaten.

GKCC’s top scoring batsmen were Varun Gangadharan (14), Rohit Gore (12), Dheeraj Sharma (11), Arjun Rakheja (10), Tanuj Shah (4), Udai Singh (3) followed by Ritvik Yaragudi and Ishaan Verma with 1 run each. RK’s top bowlers were Advayith Sriram (3 wickets), followed by Ziyan Ahmed, Mihil Sreenilayam and Hirschel Nambiar who took 2 wickets each.

GKCC scored 99 runs for 10 wickets setting a target of 100 runs for RK to win.

Rockville Kings got a big contribution from Marshall Nambiar, who clocked 47 runs off 21 balls including 6 sixes and 2 fours. Other major contributors were Adhvayith Sriram (12),  Hirschel Nambiar and Shravan Sudhir (4 each), Shresth Viswanathan (2) and Deepak Menon and Vyshnav Murali (1 each).

From GKCC bowling team, Tanuj Shah got the maximum wickets (5 – 3 of which were bowled out), followed by Anav Babbar (3 – 2 of which were bowled out) and Upneet Singh and Rohit Gore (1 each). Wicketkeeper Dheeraj Sharma caught 3 catches followed by Udai Singh who took 2 catches at silly mid on.

Rockville Kings were all out for 88 runs in 10 overs and GKCC won by 11 runs.

1st Innings2nd Innings


11U Results:

LTC defeats Bowie 2 To Get Its First Win
LTC batted first and scored 120 runs for 6 wickets in 16 overs. Harsha 51 runs, Ashwin 11 runs
Bowie 2 scored 91 for 10 wickets in 14.3 overs. Perry Baltimore 23 runs, Josue Ochaita 15 runs.

Bowie 1 Wins A Close One Against Germantown
Germantown: 75 runs for 10 wickets in 16 overs. Raghav 25runs, Abhinav 7 runs.
Bowie 1: 76 runs for 8 wickets in 11 overs. Nathan Zacharski 12 runs Naasir Taylor-Webb 8 runs, Lisa Ramjit 8 runs, Lee Reiter 9 runs.

Germantown Tops Lutherville-Timonium Cockeysville

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.11.42 AM

In a Maryland Junior Cricket 15U match on Saturday, visiting Germantown topped Lutherville-Timonium Cockeysville.

The match was played at the great grounds of Woodmoor Elementary School in
Gwynn Oak MD, which offered an ideal 360 degree pitch.

In a 16 over match, Cockeysville won the toss and put Germantown to bat
first. Germantown opening batsmen Varun Gangadharan and Shankar Haridas
started to put the run on the board when Shankar was bowled by Brian to
give Germantown an early set back. Replacing Shankar was Nikhil Sahni who
gave the stability Germantown needed. Nikhil was eventually bowled by Sami
and replaced by Tanuj Shah who continued to sustain the bowling from
Cockeysville and scored 13 runs and was retired to give other Germantown
Batsmen a chance. Following Tanuj, Dheeraj Sharma put an impressive 17
runs including boundaries containing 1 six and 2 fours. He was given
company by other Germantown batsmen for boundaries including 2 six¹s from
Upneet Singh.

Germantown scored 88 runs for 8 wickets and set a target for Cockeysville
to attain.

Cockeysville batsmen put up a strong show with many boundaries and Sami Sabeeh
put up impressive 23 runs including 2 six¹s and 1 four. He was given
company by Halat and Rajab who hit a six and a four respectively.

Germantown bowling made it difficult for the Cockeysville batsmen as Shiv
Luthra had a ³Hat Trick² in his firs over. He cleaned bowled Brian on the
3rd ball of his first over. In the next bowl Harsha popped up a catch at
Silly Mid On and Udai Singh took the catch setting the stage for a ³Hat
Trick² for Shiv. In the next bowl Rishi popped up a catch at Silly Mid Off
and Soumith Gadila took the catch and the Germantown team erupted in
celebration of the Hat Trick for Shiv Luthra. Cockeysville was 47 for 10
in 13 overs.

In 11U action, Bowie 1 defeated Bowie 2.

Bowie 2 batted first and scored 53 runs all out in 12 overs. Bowie 1 batted next and scored 54 for 2 in 10 overs. After 8 overs each, the score was tied at 38 each, but Bowie 2 had lost 7 wickets.

11U Match Report: Germantown defeats Bowie 2

It was an overcast, damp, Saturday morning as the 11U Bowie 2 Elite Travel Cricket Team was getting ready to start their first match against reigning Champions Germantown Kids Cricket Club. Bowie’s Cricket Commissioner was busy cutting the grass with help from Germantown parents to get the field ready in time for the start of the match at 9:00am. The coin toss was done by Bowie’s Perry Baltimore and Germantown’ Angali and Saloni. Germantown won the toss and elected to bat first, which is what Bowie wanted as well.

The Bowie 2 kids were a little nervous because for many of them, this was their first time playing at this level. The bowlers gave up some extra runs in Wides and No Balls, and the fielders missed some Run Outs and dropped some catches. But they kept pressing on, and the nerves settled as the game progressed. A couple of key Bowie 2 players were not available, but luckily there were siblings available to fill-in on short notice. For a first game, the Bowie 2 bowlers did well. The pick of the bowlers was Perry Baltimore. He held a tight line and length, which was difficult for the Germantown batsmen to play. Jayden Johnson also bowled accurately. Bowie’s Sebastien Solomon ran about 15 yards to his right and took a nice catch with his outstretched hands. A Germantown batsman hit the ball deep in the outfield at mid-wicket, but Miles Magruder was there to make a difficult catch look easy.

Germantown had a few really good bowlers who were very accurate. It was also refreshing to see a leg-spinner and he was bowling well. The Germantown batsmen were strong on the leg-side dispatching loose deliveries to the boundary. Last year’s 11U Finals MVP, Saurav Panday, looked even better this year with bat and ball.

The Bowie players got better by simply watching the Germantown players. During their second 8 over session, the Bowie batsmen started taking quick singles. Sebastien Solomon and Kayla Magruder were really quick between wickets. Josue Ochaita got a few big hits and scored a few boundaries.

The Bowie coaches were very pleased to see the team’s improvement in 1 game and are looking forward to the rest of the season as the teams grows and develops.

Bowie 2 Elite Travel Cricket Team 2.

Bowie 2 Elite Travel Cricket Team 2.

Coin toss with Bowie 2’s Perry Baltimore and Germantown’s Angali and Saloni.

Coin toss with Bowie 2’s Perry Baltimore and Germantown’s Angali and Saloni.

Freshly cut grass cricket field at Rockledge Elementary School.

Freshly cut grass cricket field at Rockledge Elementary School.

Bowie 2’s Cooper Baltimore and Alicia Fernando are batting against the excellent bowling of Germantown’s Ameya.

Bowie 2’s Cooper Baltimore and Alicia Fernando are batting against the excellent bowling of Germantown’s Ameya.

Bowie 2’s Sebastien Solomon bowling.

Bowie 2’s Sebastien Solomon bowling.

After the game.

After the game.

Maryland Youth Cricket Season Opens With Wins By Germantown, Bowie, Lutherville-Timonium – Cockeysville


Germantown over Bowie 2
Germantown: 107 runs in 16 overs
Bowie 2:  64 runs for 10 wickets in 15 overs

Bowie 1 over Lutherville-Timonium-Cockeysville
Bowie 1: 51 runs for 1 wicket in 8 Overs
Lutherville-Timonium-Cockeysville: 30 runs for 10 wickets in 14 overs


Lutherville-Timonium-Cockeysville over Burtonsville
Lutherville-Timonium-Cockeysville 48 for 8 in 16 overs
Burtonsville 47 for 7 in 16 overs

Bowie bats against Germantown in the 11U match

Bowie bats against Germantown in the 11U match